Say hello to clarity in our bespoke design process



We have a small informal meeting to discuss your requirements, from design to branding and more (depending on what services you require). This is also the stage where we can brainstorm and discuss any budgets.



We take what we discussed in the consultation and create a custom quote, specific to you. This will include project duration and Estimated finish time, in addition to any costs other than design (printing and other services). This will be sent over to you to approve.


Concept Research

From any reference images and requirements from the consultation (And any further communication), we research concept ideas. We consider many variables, from your marketing and company aims, company history, current branding and identity. This is what makes our process bespoke, by considering all these factors and more to create the perfect outcome for you.


Concept Pitching

From the concept research, we create at least three distinct concept presentations, showing everything from reference images to sketches and mock concepts. We will guide you in making the right decision for you, by engaging in an open discussion about the concepts and the opportunities from them.



From the chosen concept, we then develop it into a final design for you. We allow UNLIMITED CHANGES within the hours set out in the quote.  We encourage communication from our clients to discuss progress and draft copies. This is the stage where any copy or images need to be approved. 



After the development stage has been accepted and approved, we then proceed to the delivery stage which includes any printing or other requirements. Any printing or physical items is usually hand delivered to you.


Follow Up

Once we have delivered our bespoke design and let you implement it into your company, we follow up with you in the coming weeks and months to ensure that everything is okay and to see if your aims and goals have been met.