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Graduate Show Branding

Made in Brunel is a student led collaborative platform focused on showcasing good design from Brunel University London. It is an opportunity for great students to show their skill to the world with events and publications, culminating in our annual exhibition in June, located in central London.


As designers, we aim to redefine every project we undertake. We constantly question everything, make new definitions, and look at everything we do with a fresh outlook. Just like us, the blank space in our tagline represents the opportunity to challenge the norm, and produce some unique and innovative things. For Made in Brunel, this year we plan to redefine so many aspects of what we do. Don’t worry, the Made in Brunel you know and love isn’t going anywhere – we’re just growing and adapting to give us, and you, the best opportunities possible.

Redefining is what this year is about, however, we don’t want to lose touch in what it means to be Made in Brunel. The brand logo remains the same, as with our primary colour palette of the Pantone 165c Orange, white and 90% Grey. We did want to redefine how we use colour, using a classic combo such as CMYK in different ways, not only in full-colour blocks but “organic gradients”. Some things don’t need to be redefined, but our serif font needed to be updated. From Minion Pro to Life, it brings in the fresh and variety into it while keeping our other fonts and character styles standards. Visuals, icons and photography are defined within a range, allowing for the publications team to redefine the graphics with each publication.

Every year has a different tagline, with each its own logo. Redefining defies the norm, with brackets allowing Made in Brunel to define what we intend to “redefine” with a normal and condensed logo and it’s used. The entire brand has been redefined down to the language used for marketing and internal sources. 

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