Oh Buttermere…

Buttermere Valley is lovely. Home to such a beautiful landscape. But how stressful it is driving on a sunny bank holiday Monday when it is the half term for schools! Since this is a -relatively- new post, just over a week and a half ago I passed my driving test, so the drive alone tested me, before seeing the chaos (and hilarity of a New Zealand family trying to get down from Newland pass into Buttermere…).

My aim was to photograph Scaleforce waterfall, however, it was just too hot to walk past the Buttermere, as such I chose to stay in the vicinity for a couple of hours to take photos of the scenery and the lake. It was such a nice day and a pretty clear sky too. I do wish there was not much of a wind (for reflections) but I should think this would have caused a small heatwave!


After taking my time at Buttermere, I parked just outside Buttermere Village to go down to Crummock, (you can walk to Crummock from Buttermere, But as I found out it is not so much fun to park halfway up Newlands Pass!).


Overall it was such a nice little trip out, and I do wish I had visited the Waterfalls, but I might save them for a less busy day! You Can see the full still set here.