Final Thoughts – 30 Day Poster Challenge

For the past 30 days, I have been creating a poster design daily. Its been consuming not only time-wise but creatively. Have I come out the end any better? I’d like to think so, keep reading to hear all my Final Thoughts…



the start – poster 1

It starts easily; I found you have a tonne of ideas, and the first can set the tone for the rest of the posters. For me, this was in the border design. I decided to use it in all of my posters, for continuity and self-promotion/poster number reasons.

However after the first several posters, you lose that spark and try to find it anywhere, and I mean anywhere. Music, art, Pinterest of all places! But you do fight your way through it. The best part for me was finding the style I love, and that is not always a distinct style.

Layering, depth, and texture was the style I fell in love with, using different blending modes, type, colours. It meant the possibility was endless, and I think you can agree there is a definite progression throughout the 30 days (see them all here) . 



halfway through the challenge – poster 15

Your first idea for a poster isn’t always the best. Sure as creatives and designers we all think our vision of work is excellent (in our own opinion), that doesn’t mean it always is. You have to take a step back. Look at it, re-evaluate it. Does it say what you mean?

This was one of the good things that I’ve reinforced with this challenge. Trust yourself to take a moment, sometimes the best design doesn’t say anything but says everything.



Finally, keyboard shortcuts. Illustrator has been my baby for this 30-day project, as such I’ve learned handy shortcuts, creating a clipping mask to releasing it, color picker and typography shortcuts. Does it in any way make me a better designer? – No. But it does make me quicker, which is brilliant.

So my Final Thought, would I do a challenge like this again? Yes, pushing creativity is fantastic. Who knows if or when I’ll get round to doing round 2 of this challenge….