6 months to Full Time

It’s been six whole months since I leapt to be a full-time freelance designer, and now I can finally say I am working full time as a freelance designer instead of juggling multiple jobs!

While it has been a whirlwind of learning and progression, it has been so incredibly fun and freeing (although still extremely tempting to sleep in until 10 am!). One of the main things I have learnt is time management and estimating time for jobs. It was incredibly hard to estimate work, to begin with, especially as each project & client has different requirements. But now I can (almost) confidently quote for work within a specific timescale and get it completed.


Another is chasing clients – not for money but feedback. Everyone is busy, but as a freelance designer not only is it your job to project manage the design but also the client. So one of my main mantras now is to ‘pester politely’ and hope you get a response!


So what’s next? – Well, I aim to get more freelance work! Gaining some work in London, Manchester or Glasgow and grow my business further than Cumbria. Connect with creatives who do engaging work, and photograph more of the lakes!


Interested in working with me?

Say Hello; hello@atclark.co.uk