8 Tips to take your Social Content to the Next Level…

Whether you’re a small business, run a blog or just social savvy. We all love a good picture on social media, and as it is well known, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Keep reading to see 8 tips to help you to create better photos & content for your social channels…

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1. You don’t always need a photographer.

That’s right, you don’t need a professional to take photos for your social media. It helps for sure! But if you’re posting 3-7 photos/pieces of content a week you can run out of good photos pretty fast! Instead, a good way to get around this is to use your phone and some good natural lighting (Midday indoors by a window works pretty well).


2. Phone Camera Tips & Apps to aid you in your quest to take great photos

If you’re using your iPhone camera, turning on the grid is a great way to help. As well as locking the focus length, to see how to do tricks like these check out this useful post; Macworld iPhone Tricks. An app I love to use to take photos is Manual (Its more suited to amateur – professional photographers, but does have an auto function), it allows you to choose a focus point easily and clearly.


To Edit, the apple photos app is FANTASTIC, go to edit, and click the dial. If you expand each section you can adjust everything manually to edit to perfection. If you’re a fan of filters, the Afterlight app is great for editing colours and more.


3. Interesting Imagery.

A few people get stuck when taking photos, taking a photo looking down diagonally may get the job done, but it may not always show off the best side of your subject. Instead, try photographing from the horizon line or directly above. And try to either fill the frame (over the edges) with content or keep it simple with a minimalistic vibe. Check out our Instagram for examples of this!


4. Don’t Crop People at the Joints.

If you mainly post images of people or clothing, don’t crop a photo at someone’s joints (elbow, knees etc…). It will make the person look smaller and without said limb, not a good look! Instead, if you have to crop the photo try mid-limb, it’ll make the person look taller and more natural.


5. Schedule your posts

You can avoid stress with your social content by scheduling your posts, planning and targeting. Not only will this help you gain better insights into what is working but you can gather all your photos and captions weeks in advance. I use Buffer for my social channels, you can link 3 social channels for free, and if you have a business Instagram account it will post automatically!


6. Tell a story

Everyone loves a story, and if your social channels tell a story you’ll get more engagement. One day you can post a final Picture or a project or product and then over the next few days tell how it was created or who it aids.


7. Be Original to your brand.

It can be difficult coming up with ideas for your social channels, but the more original you are and true to your brand. The more engagement you will get from your followers. It’s okay to take content or ideas from others as long as you credit them!

8. If all else fails, stock photos

The great thing about stock photos is that their all high quality, the negative thing is anyone can get their hands on them (if they pay).  You need to weigh up the options of this, sometimes if you want constant High-Quality photos it’s cheaper to use stock photos rather than a photographer, but remember they may not translate your brand perfectly!



Hope these tips help you in your quest for great social channels, if you want some help, Say Hello to us via email and we can start you off with a small tutorial on how to take great content for your social channels!