Why communication is Key in Branding & Design

Many people believe design is similar to art and is just making things look “pretty.” Designers are communicators; we try to communicate what the brand/ company wants to say to consumers, and translate it into a visual language that can be understood.


During the process of designing anything with a brand, it is essential to maintain regular communication. Any design is always a collaborative effort between visions.

You may be asking yourself, ‘Why do I need to communicate with the designer throughout the process?’; Well, the main answer is time and money. You could hire the best designer and set a clear brief, but they may go in a direction that you deem unfit for your brand and as such need to start from the beginning (Which can be a bit of grief, not only for you but for the designer too!).


On the other hand, you could be wondering how often you should be in contact with the designer? Well, this is usually between you and your designer. Any good designer should consult your opinion at any part of the design process from concept logos & research through to final deliverable.

While communication is critical, you can always go overboard and inundate your designer with questions and emails. So there is always a happy medium of communication, as with anything!


To make it easy and clear here are a few tips to help you communicate better with your designer on a project;

1. Set a clear and concise brief – “I want a blue llama logo” may be evident in your eyes, but its difficult to deduce which direction to go in.

2. Agree on a deadline – Super useful for a clear finishing date, and always helps to give a few weeks for small tweaks if necessary

3. Be open to ideas – Sometimes the weirdest ideas are the best?

4. If you have a budget, be clear on what you can afford – A good designer can do wonders with a small budget!

5. If you’re not happy, say something – Hopefully in a nice way, but if you don’t like it ask for a revision. Designers aren’t monsters, and we want our clients to be happy with the work we produce!


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