Branding for Business! How to feign off the fads and create a lasting logo

Every designer and branding guru wants to do their best. 90% of the time they hit it on the nail. Sometimes it isn’t quite right, and you have to go back to the drawing board a few years later. Every logo and brand needs to evolve but don’t let it be so soon!

So here are a few ideas to help your designer to get it right first time.


1. Create a mood board

It may seem super simple, but nothing is better than visual clues. We designers LOVE THEM! A mood board on paper, Pinterest or just emailing over will give us an idea of what you want and what you don’t. It will also save you money! So you don’t have to redesign or go back to the drawing board multiple times.


2.  Be Straightforward.

Always tell your branding guru what exactly it is you do, whether you sell fair trade items or sell a service and at what price. It will help them create a suitable style for you. Whether it be an organic green style for nature or a sophisticated black for luxury.


3.  Name (and shame?) your Competitors

Business is all about market share, and competitors. If your designer knows who your competitors are and what their brands & design look like they can help you create a brand which isn’t like theirs and stands out. Better for you in the long run!


4. Your Budget.

This one is a big part of designing, know your budget can help immensely with design, print and branding. It may be wonderful to have a gold foil logo for a luxury brand but if you don’t have the money to front spending that, then it is no use! If you’re honest about your budget to your designer, then they can create a design (luxurious or not – depends on your brand & business) that is suitable not only for your brand but your wallet too!!


5. A brand that matches you.

The best representation of your brand is you, the owner. You are the person that represents that brand, and so the brand should represent you!

A meeting will let your designer know who you are (emails can be impersonal)!. If all else fails video chats are great too!!


We create logos which represent your brand and what you do. To find out more about our branding services get in touch with our email;